DON JURAVIN | Biblical mentor to maximize purposeful life

DON JURAVIN | Biblical mentor to maximize purposeful life


Biblical mentor to maximize purposeful life


Don Juravin (Don Karl Juravin)

Don Juravin - Biblical Mentor

One of the few in the world who scientifically decyphers the original Biblical Hebrew. I understand code2GOD like no one else in the world. Life without a purpose is not worth living. Let’s talk to your soul and find how to maximize your life on earth. In the process of spirituality, let’s have fun. I’ll make you think, and you do the rest. After all, it’s your life



In the spiritual world resides the forces that operate our lives in reality. Get to know them, because your happiness depends on them.

Love | RELATIONSHIPS by Don Juravin

LOVE | relationships

It's complicated because we complicate it. Love and relationships can be hacked to make you feel good and successful.

It's not funny-it's my life


Humor is one of the top three most sought-after traits women are looking for in a man because it represents his ability to succeed in life. Humor is the ability to have a flexible mind with out-of-the-box solutions. It’s an indicator of intelligence. Laughter is the reward.



Life without a purpose is not worth living. The daily pressure of survival makes you forget who you are. Let's fix it.

research article comparing world data


It’s interesting. Companies spend millions and years and you get to read it in 10 min and better your life. Bringing up the facts will promote productive competition. I love to research. Smart Research for Better Decision Making.

Don Juravin podcasts


Don Juravin podcasts for a more purposeful life because life without a higher bigger purpose is not really worth living. Some are intellectual, educational, and some are fun, sarcastic, and humoristic.

Don Juravin - Mentor to 3 Million Followers

Jerusalem King David teachings by Minister Don Karl Juravin

I was born in the Holy Land, not far from the birthplace of Jesus (and where Moses met GOD and was given the wisdom of the Ten Commandments), and he reads the Bible in its original language, the Word of GOD. Mr. Juravin, therefore, understands GOD’s direction and even intentions, and as a result, he does not believe in any religion but instead in GOD and the original Bible.

Don Juravin severd in the IDF and loves protecting homeowners

I served in the military defending GOD’s chosen people and I’ve been a proud US citizen already 30+ years. Yet, my writing and thoughts are raw and still “Holy Land style”. They will not be always clear to you at first, but when you try to understand what I meant, it will open your eyes to a divine world.

HOLY LAND MAN reads the original Bible of GOD

HOLY LAND MAN understands the code2GOD as he reads the Bible in its original Word Of GOD, in Biblical Hebrew. Each of the 22 letters of the Bible carries a unique vibration from 1 to 400 and so each word, and each sentence, carries a numerical vibration value. HOLY LAND MAN understands these numerical vibrations as a sacred and divine language code from GOD. He believed that he was chosen to understand this code and deliver it to the world. HOLY LAND MAN loves GOD without religion.

Three million followers, referring to him as HOLY LAND MAN, he is devoted to bypass religion and share the love of GOD directly with the people. 

On different occasions in his life, he was inspired by further readings of the Bible and produced additional articles. These sacred documents are HOLY LAND MAN’s divine inspiration and are intended to make the people of the world think and debate. They are not intended to tell people what to do or what to believe. Each soul will find its truth in the relationship with GOD.”

Anna Juravin, President, GLOBESITY FOUNDATION

That’s the wife… Anna Juravin and she’s the source for my humor, jokes, misery and some happiness. She’s from Europe, has a funnier accent than mine and we both like sarcasm. When I married her I realized that marriage is about compromise, I just didn’t know that it will only be on my end…

Don Juravin 3 million followers

Don Juravin is a MENTOR to 3 million people on the web to maximize their life potential. I love to read “Don Juravin Saved My Life” and it makes me happy to help the world. 

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