DON JURAVIN | Biblical mentor to maximize purposeful life

DON JURAVIN | Biblical mentor to maximize purposeful life

Smart Exercise for Rounded Glutes

Glute exercise

The amazing muscles in your backside – known as your gluteal muscles – help your body stay upright, keep your body moving forward and help you power through your workouts.

Exercise for Killer Calves

Calves exercise

Training your calves is important because of the wide use of those muscles, including during walking, running, jumping, and moving your body during functional movements.

Strengthen your Quadriceps

Quadriceps exercise

Strengthen your quadriceps — the muscle group at the front of your thighs — with a few exercises adapted from gym workouts that you can do in the comfort of your living room.

Crazy Workout for Strong Legs

Legs Workout

It’s often said that you shouldn’t skip a leg day. Leg workouts are important for several reasons, yet they are sometimes neglected in favor of upper-body workouts.

Hamstring Strengthening Exercise

Hamstring exercise

Exercising your hamstrings — the group of three muscles stretching from your buttocks to your knees — can tone this potentially problematic area.

Energetic Exercise for Strong Triceps

Triceps Exercise

Triceps are elegant machines in their own right. It’s a group of three muscles, which connect your arm to your body, and which allow you to push with your hands and extend your elbows.

Traps Exercise for Toned Physique

Traps exercise

When we exercise for that toned physique, we focus on so many muscle groups and various exercises to boost our confidence and athletic performance.