DON JURAVIN | Biblical mentor to maximize purposeful life

DON JURAVIN | Biblical mentor to maximize purposeful life

Teens in this study refer to young women between the ages of 15 and 19. 

JURAVIN RESEARCH assumes in this study that teenage girls who give birth at a young age represent a less advanced society with less advanced sex education. It is further assumed that higher teen birth rates become a national financial burden as the female (and probably the male teen) must change their course of life and prematurely become a parent, rather than become part of an advanced working force. Furthermore, each teen birth can often impact the life advancement of 7 individuals: the 2 teens, 4 parents, and the child who probably will grow with lesser financial & emotional support.

How many young teenage girls get pregnant in our advanced society? A society cannot be advanced if many young women are cutting short their own development in order to care for a child. 

Juravin answers that 23 million teenage girls will get pregnant each year, causing stagnating ripple effects on society as a whole. 

Research Summary

In Juravin’s opinion, the emotional effects on families, crime rate, education levels, national financial burden (GDP), and the childbirth rate in the country (as a teen giving birth is less likely to raise a family with multiple kids) are all related. Teens with a child may have fewer skills and opportunities for employment, often perpetuating cycles of poverty.

Juravin reviewed and found these unconventional facts: 

Important Key Facts

Teen Birth Affects Health

Teen Birth Affects Society

Teen (Adolescent) Birth Rate

Per 1,000 teens aged 15–19 years | lower is better | 2018 report 

Comparing USA Vs. Europe’s top countries (Germany, France, Italy) Vs. Israel 

WINNER: Euro-top

Annual births by teens (absolute number)

According to the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs, Population Division an estimated female population aged 15-19 years in 2015. Euro-top breakdown: Germany 1.98 million, France 1.86 million, Italy 1.36 million. 

Comparing USA Vs. Pakistan Vs. India Vs. China


Absolute numbers

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Research DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.3533686