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DON JURAVIN | Biblical mentor to maximize purposeful life


The Evidence Of Human Consciousness. Materialistic claim brain excretes consciousness. Consciousness Is Fundamentally Different From Matter.

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The Evidence Of Human Consciousness

The human consciousness is an absolute wonder. It is the thing through which we think, understand, and perceive reality, create, feel, experience, and feel. It is in fact the only thing we experience directly, in the first person, with absolute certainty. And yet, the essence of consciousness itself is a mystery. Its very existence is an appeal to the materialist worldview, which holds that the only thing that exists is a matter, and an acknowledgment of a mystery that opens up the possibility of a more spiritual worldview, which may include GOD as well.

Materialistic claim brain excretes consciousness

Materialists claim that consciousness is nothing but a product of matter, something that appears in some way from brain activity, just as the kidneys excrete urine, so the brain excretes consciousness. Not only does such a claim sound very strange on the face of it, but it also has no end to the explanation of how it happens. Of course, it is clear that there is a correlation between brain processes and mental processes, and that influence on one leads to influence on the other. This has been known since the first man struck his friend’s head and caused him to lose consciousness, and the neurosciences have not renewed anything essential here except for the refinement of the subtleties of that correlation. 

But where does the very consciousness in which those mental processes take place come from? We assume that simple chemicals have no consciousness, and if so how can a certain complex organization of theirs lead to the appearance of something so different from them? It would be similar to the claim that if a sufficiently complex card tower is built, at some point the cards will be able to speak and play on their own. 

Consciousness Is Fundamentally Different From Matter 

While there are features of complex things that are not in the details that make them up, So-called emergencies (like the moisture of the water, which does not exist in the individual molecules but exists in the whole). But in these cases, the transition from the individual to the whole is clear and scientifically understandable to us.

Consciousness, on the other hand, is so fundamentally different from matter that there is no explanation for how it supposedly “grows” out of it. The materialist claim that matter is capable of producing consciousness expresses only a blind belief and provides no explanation or justification for its claims.

Existence of consciousness a miracle? Would it understand the universe?

Not only is the very existence of consciousness a miracle that is not understood in a materialistic world, but also its ability to understand the universe. Through our minds, we are able to understand the universe, the laws of nature, and the way they operate, from the subatomic level to cosmic processes. The same laws require mathematical understanding and high abstraction ability, and it takes many years to learn and understand them, while scientific knowledge itself is advancing.

Is it obvious that the human mind will even have a chance to understand the universe? After all, according to the atheist worldview, consciousness is something that evolved evolutionarily only because it had some survival benefit. But it is clear that there is no need for consciousness to survive, and certainly not all the secrets of the universe need to be understood to do so. 

Let’s compare to ants

Countless species on earth, such as insects, do not have real awareness as far as we know, and yet they survive and thrive for much longer than human existence in the world. Think of an ant for example it has no mental capacity to understand even the tip of the iceberg of the universe in which it lives. For her, it is a foreign and clearly incomprehensible place, And it amounts to a few inches that she is able to feel and pursue food. It does not prevent it from surviving and reproducing successfully. 

Compared to the whole universe, our size and our brain size are no different from those of the ant. Where then did we get the ability to understand the universe? How is it that we do not experience it as inconceivable chaos, but as an orderly system that obeys the equations we are able to understand? In other words, what is the source of the match between human consciousness and the universe?

Is Mathematics The Key? 

One of the great mysteries is the meaning of the miraculous correspondence between mathematical concepts and the structure of the universe and the laws of nature, as the physicist James Jeans put it: “The universe seems to have been shaped by a pure mathematician”. Mathematics is used in all areas of life, from the natural sciences and physics to economics, social statistics, computer science, and sociology.

How is it possible that mathematics, seemingly created by human thought, fits so perfectly into physical reality? Is mathematics a human creation, or a discovery of an existing reality that underlies the universe?

My Conclusion: Human Consciousness Didn’t Evolve By Chance

These mysteries and many more illustrate how unlikely it is to see in human consciousness something that “grew by chance” from matter, as a result of blind evolutionary processes. In fact, it is easier to treat the material world as a product of consciousness than to consciousness as a product of matter: we know that consciousnesses can create images of tangible reality, as in dreams and hallucinations, and yet we have no evidence that matter can create consciousness or explain how it is possible. It, therefore, makes more sense to assume that the universe we perceive is a mental product of our consciousness, than that consciousness is a product of a material universe.

The atheist-materialist approach fails but I’ve yet to prove GOD’s existence

But even if we do not take it in this direction (although quite a few philosophers and scientists follow it), it is clear that consciousness is a miracle that requires explanation, and that the atheist-materialist approach is unable to explain it.

While this is not direct evidence of the existence of GOD, there is certainly an appeal here to the material worldview, the absence of GOD. In addition, the existence of GOD can certainly explain the existence of consciousness, and the wondrous fit between it and the universe. If the same GOD who created the universe and set the laws of nature is the one who created our consciousnesses, it certainly makes sense that He would imprint in our consciousness the ability to perceive and understand the universe.

HOLY LAND MAN reads the original Bible of GOD

Don Juravin was born in the Holy Land, not far from the birthplace of Jesus (and where Moses met GOD and was given the wisdom of the Ten Commandments), and he reads the Bible in its original language, the Word of GOD.

Mr. Juravin, therefore, understands GOD’s direction and even intentions, and as a result, he does not believe in any religion but instead in GOD and the original Bible. With almost three million followers, referring to him as HOLY LAND MAN, he is devoted to bypass religion and share the love of GOD directly with the people. On different occasions in his life, he was inspired by further readings of the Bible and produced additional articles.

These sacred documents are HOLY LAND MAN’s divine inspiration and are intended to make the people of the world think and debate. They are not intended to tell people what to do or what to believe. Each soul will find its truth in the relationship with GOD.