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Evidence Of Human Morality; We perceive morality as objective and not subjective; Is Morality Made Of Merely Molecules?; Our Moral Intuitions; I conclude here that the supreme power is GOD; Prove of A GOD

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Evidence Of Human Morality

Most mentally healthy human beings have basic and very strong moral intuitions embedded in them. They have intuitions that things like murder, robbery, and harm to innocents are negative. The way in which the same moral intuitions are applied varies, of course, from society to society, as do the definitions to whom moral rules apply, but there is no society in history that has not recognized the existence of morality and justice even at the basic level. Not only do people feel intense moral feelings, but they also lead their lives by them, sometimes with significant concessions to pleasures and satisfaction to the point of self-sacrifice. They even go to war against those they perceive as behaving immorally.

We perceive morality as objective and not subjective

A careful examination of those moral intuitions leads to the conclusion that we perceive morality not as a subjective emotion but as an objective, absolute, and binding reality. If morality was a purely emotional and subjective matter, there would be no room for moral controversy. Just as taste and smell should not be argued, so there is nothing to argue about personal feelings that reflect only the person’s feelings. And if morality is subjective, there is also no room for criticizing people or companies who behave differently from us – for they are not really wrong or bad, but simply have different preferences. 

Yet although many outwardly claim that morality is indeed relative and not absolute, very few actually believe it. Most people feel deep down that groups like the Nazis and ISIS are utterly wicked people with blatantly corrupt morals, and not just “different from us.” Not only do we feel that way, but as mentioned we will be prepared to go to war against such figures and force them to change their behavior. All this because we tend to perceive morality as an objective reality.

Of course, it can be argued that the fact that we feel that morality is objective and binding does not prove that it is. It is possible that our moral intuitions are a feeling that has evolved in us for evolutionary reasons, and although they make us feel that morality is absolute, it is only an illusion. There is no objective and absolute morality, but only gut feelings and desires that we project onto reality. This approach is called the moral error theory because all talk of morality or moral laws is wrong because such things do not exist.

Is Morality Made Of Merely Molecules?

Unsurprisingly, many proponents of error theory are atheists, for, in a world that has nothing but inanimate matter and blind laws of nature, there is no reality that can be a source of objective morality. All that exists are molecules, and since the laws of morality are not made of molecules, they do not exist.

It is possible to adopt such an approach, but the price it charges the person is enormous. Adopting the theory of error will force us to deny some of the most intense existential feelings burning among us, and to treat our greatest and noblest ideals as personal gut feelings altogether – feelings that are neither better nor right than those of the most wicked and corrupt people in our eyes. 

This means that we will not be able to pass a moral critique on any person or any company, because there is nothing to argue about personal taste, and everyone can act according to their personal preferences. And if we eventually decide to go to war with people or values ​​different from ours, it will be coercion that has no moral justification other than our personal desires.

While it is possible to pay these prices, many are not willing to do so. It is not for nothing that many philosophers, including atheists, try to find a basis for the existence of an objective and realistic morality that matches our basic intuitions instead of denying them. However, most of these attempts fail. In a world that is perceived as entirely material and blind, it is difficult to suddenly bring in ad hoc absolute moral facts that go beyond nature.

Our Moral Intuitions

The only way our moral intuitions can be justified is by acknowledging that in reality there are absolute moral facts, which are not part of the material nature but are beyond it, and whose inner intuitions are a reflection of them. The origin of these facts and of their binding power can derive only from a supreme will, of which the laws of morality are an expression and which created the universe in such a way that the laws of morality would suit it. 

I conclude here that the supreme power is GOD

The same power is also the one that has instilled in us the moral sense that allows us to recognize those moral facts and feel our commitment to them. This supreme power is of course GOD, the Creator of the world, who established both the laws of nature and the laws of morality.

This position does raise questions in itself, such as the well-known question of the epitaph – whether GOD set the laws of morality as He pleases or whether they exist separately from Him. However, these questions are easier to answer than the existential difficulties posed by error theory.

In other words, one who feels within himself that there is absolute good and evil, justice and evil that are not determined by the different desires of human beings, and do not change from person to person and society to society – then this belief inevitably leads to belief in GOD, which alone can justify belief in absolute morality.

Prove of A GOD

This vision is good only for those people who do feel that there is absolute good and evil, and are not willing to see this feeling as a “mistake.” But there are many such, and this observation can definitely prove the existence of a GOD for them.

HOLY LAND MAN reads the original Bible of GOD

Don Juravin was born in the Holy Land, not far from the birthplace of Jesus (and where Moses met GOD and was given the wisdom of the Ten Commandments), and he reads the Bible in its original language, the Word of GOD.

Mr. Juravin, therefore, understands GOD’s direction and even intentions, and as a result, he does not believe in any religion but instead in GOD and the original Bible. With almost three million followers, referring to him as HOLY LAND MAN, he is devoted to bypass religion and share the love of GOD directly with the people. On different occasions in his life, he was inspired by further readings of the Bible and produced additional articles.

These sacred documents are HOLY LAND MAN’s divine inspiration and are intended to make the people of the world think and debate. They are not intended to tell people what to do or what to believe. Each soul will find its truth in the relationship with GOD.